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The Festival of Flower, Fruits and Vegetables in Skierniewice

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The festival has been organised for more than 30 years, always on the third weekend of September, and it has a unique and friendly atmosphere steeped in tradition. It iss the largest two-day event of its type in the region which successfully combines culture, science and commerce. Every year the opening of the festival is marked by the flower and vegetable parade and a high point of the program is the election of the 'Flower of Skierniewice', the most beautiful girl in the region.

During the festival celebrations visitors have the opportunity to become acquainted with the scientific achievements of the various institutes in Skierniewice. All of the fruit-growing schools, institutions quarters and the research fields are open to visitors where they can see new varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Also health foods are mushroom tasting is becoming very popular nowadays. The festival is accompanied by horticultural and agricultural fairs which are an opportunity to demonstrate and promote new trends in horticultural production along with associated equipments. All of the exhibitions and fairs are dominated by the flowers, fruits, vegetables and bee-keeping product.

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